Overwatch: Personal Pick

Written by Joanne “TheEmpress00”.
Date: 02.06.2016.


Why Mei is my personal favourite Overwatch hero.

Hero: Mei. Role: Defense.

Mei is a defensive hero with the intentions of protecting an objective. Mei can be used for zone control, picking off and freezing multiple heroes at once.

My personal favourite

Mei is my personal favourite because of her ability to annoy the enemy team. Blocking entrances, well-timed medium range shots, flanking and freezing multiple opponents can all be helpful for the team overall. Trapping the enemy with icewall can create an advantage especially when working with heroes such as Bastion. I would definitely advise picking Mei into Genji as he mostly relies on getting close to in order to be effective.


Mei’s versatile skillset makes her stand out as a hero. Although she is labelled as defensive with good accuracy and movement prediction of the enemy she can also be deadly on offense.

Endothermic Blaster

This is Mei’s primary weapon that has two modes. The first being a short range stream of ice that can freeze the enemy over time. The other option being a medium range shot that can do high damage with a slight delay on its fire rate. It is better to use this when predicting enemy movement as it will shoot a little later than intended. Combining the two can be very effective using the latter while the enemy is frozen can eliminate the enemy quickly.


Mei becomes an invulnerable block of ice and is immobile for a few seconds. This ability is good to use when you are being focused and allows you to heal.


Mei can put up an icewall blocking incoming damage and stopping movement in a particular area. The icewall is good for zone control or separating an enemy hero from the rest of the team.


This is Mei’s ultimate ability. This area of effect ability freezes over a space, slowing, damaging and freezing (over time) the enemies inside of it. The ultimate is good to use when the opposition is in a closed area such as a control point, as they can all potentially be frozen.

Do not play Mei into:

Pharah. Without a doubt she is a counter. Her aerial abilities make Mei’s icewall completely useless. The offensive hero’s concussive blast ability can break down barriers, shields and knock an enemy backwards. Barrage, Pharah’s ultimate is a barrage of high damage rockets that fall from above. This cannot be stopped from Mei as it is also an action performed from above.



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