Tournament Incoming: Overwatch Atlantic Showdown

Written by Joanne “TheEmpress00”.
Date: 11.06.2016.


ESL announced they will host the first international Overwatch tournament

After several North American invitational competitions, ESL have announced big news. A huge prize pool tournament including teams from all over the world.


This will easily be the biggest event for competitive Overwatch since its birth. For fans it will be an important tournament to watch as we’ll be able to see the best players compete on LAN. As well as being able to distinguish who the best teams in the world are. With one of the biggest prize pools so far being at $100,000. So when will this competition begin? Open qualifiers begin on the 27th June, eventually progressing to regional and final online qualifiers. Jason Kaplan, Mitch ‘Uber’ Leslie and Leigh ‘Deman’ Smith are confirmed to be covering these matches from the ESL studios in Cologne, Germany.

Main event

The main event commences on the 20th of August with the group stages and finals being on the 21st August. These games will be held at Gamescom, Europe’s largest gaming trade fair. Although analysts or commentators for the main event are yet to be confirmed. Full coverage will be available for online audiences. This is exciting news for fans of Overwatch, with ESL covering travel costs for the qualified teams it will be first time fans see international teams competing on ESL’s main stage.

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