Overwatch: Hitting the high numbers

Written by Joanne “TheEmpress00” Watson. Date: 17.06.2016.


Overwatch hits 10 million players

Blizzard’s new team-based shooter is hitting high numbers for the game development company. After the beta became one of the most popular betas ever with 9.7 million players, there was no doubt that the game would be popular. Critics have been constantly praising the games mechanics and variation.

Enough value?

Some gamers were sceptical, wondering if the success of the beta would actually translate to game sales, it was a big question and a very valid one. There was disappointing news from Blizzard as they told the media the game wouldn’t include any single player modes and had only online multiplayer modes. Due to these reasons Blizzard struggled to justify releasing Overwatch at the standard price of a newly released game (£44.99/$60).

Blizzard’s proven pedigree

They’d promised that all newly added content would come at no extra cost. With not much to offer gamers in terms of value Overwatch relied upon one thing for its success and that’s the fun. Given the company’s reputation and string of successful games including World of Warcraft that had 12 million subscribers at its peak and Hearthstone with around 40 million players. Blizzard’s games have a reputation of high-quality, longevity and a stable player base. This has led to them hitting the 10 million milestone, a fantastic accomplishment. Overwatch has become a clear competitor, prevalent on both Twitch.tv and YouTube, the team-based shooter will be played for years to come. Let’s hope Blizzard fulfil their promise and provide the extra content to give gamers the added value.

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