FC Schalke 04 focused on eSports

Written by Joanne Watson. Date: 28-Aug-16.


Schalke remain focused on their League of Legends eSports team.

FC Schalke are focused on pushing their eSports team forward. Many people were questioning the motives of professional sports clubs entering the eSports industry.

“Are they just in it for the money?”

They were right to question. An eSports team is a very big investment especially in League of Legends. In May 2016, Schalke acquired the LCS spot of Elements for the Summer Split. However they were recently relegated from the EU LCS into the Challenger Series. Due to no implementation of a franchise model they cannot remain in the LCS. For the German club this is the worst case scenario. Organizations invest a lot of money in an LCS spot, to lose it so quickly is a devastating blow.

FC Schalke stated “The results will not affect our involvement with League of Legends and esports.” The esports team will use the loss as motivation to improve to hopefully regain their spot in the LCS. The German club are yet to confirm whether or not they will make changes to their roster. We shall see in the near future.

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