Overview: Gfinity’s CSGO Tournament at EGX

This year I attended EGX in Birmingham, UK to cover the Gfinity CS:GO Invitational. For the CS:GO fans that missed the event here’s a chance to catch up on all the important details. 

The Gfinity CS:GO Invitational consisted of four European teams. These four teams were 2015 winners Team EnVyUS, Mousesports, GODSENT and Epsilon Esports. These four teams battled hard to take home the $50,000 first place prize. On Friday 23rd September the tournament begun with the first match on LAN, all French side Team EnVyUS vs Epsilon Esports. The next day we’d see Mousesports against GODSENT and Sunday, the grand final.

Team EnVyUS vs Epsilon Esports

Mousesports vs GODSENT

Grand Finals


Team EnVyUS vs Epsilon Esports


Epsilon Esports CSGO Team
Epsilon Esports – left to right. BARBARR, disco doplan, freddieb, REZ and draken.

For the underdogs Epsilon this was an opportunity for a big break. However, Team EnVyUS had other ideas coming into the first map Mirage. The map was over before it had even begun. The French roster strolled into a 3-0 lead on the T side after taking the pistol round. They were only contested once Epsilon were able to complete a full buy. This recipe for disaster left Epsilon trailing behind 5-10. After another comfortable pistol round Team EnVyUS closed the first map 16-5.

The next map was Cobblestone one of Epsilon’s best maps. Draken starting landing important AWP shots becoming a threat to EnVyUS’ CT side. The Swedes lack of experience held them back from winning the game in a convincing fashion. EnVyUS were playing patiently, picking their moments to strike and capitalising on the enemy mistakes. The game got to an astonishing 10-10 after Epsilon took both pistol rounds for themselves this time. EnVyUS’ smart timings on when to force buy was keeping them in the game, especially Happy’s desert eagle shots. At 14-14 the game started growing in intensity.

Epsilon Esports
Epsilon celebrate after disco doplan clutches the game-winning round vs Team EnVyUS.

When the pressure was on, Epsilon’s superstar had arrived. EnVyUS committed to another force buy but were punished by disco doplan this time, getting an amazing three kills in a 2v4 clutch to end the game at 16-14 to his team.

Moving onto Cache Epsilon showed no signs of slowing down. Their solid pistol round resulted in a 6-2 lead. Draken impressed with an amazing AWP flick shot to win a 1v2 clutch. The great plays of the team’s main AWPer extended their lead to 12-3 at half time. But the Frenchmen were not swayed by the scoreboard. Epsilon were put on the back foot immediately, losing the pistol round and ecos that followed. Team EnVyUS went on to win seven rounds in a row. The lead that Swedes had worked for began to diminish. Eventually the semi final was decided in double overtime, DEVIL ended the game with a demoralising ace.


Nuke was the next map in the schedule. Epsilon lost the pistol rounds, which resulted in detrimental eco buys. The first half ended 9-6 to Team EnVyUS with a few easy rounds for the French side. REZ’s nice pistol plays couldn’t save them. EnVyUS asserted their authority only dropping one round in the half. KennyS produced the goods with many AWP kills. The EnVyUS AWPer couldn’t be contained by the Swedes. Epsilon lost the game 7-16.

EnVyUS and Epsilon shake hands
Team EnVyUS progress to the final.


Mousesports vs GODSENT


Mousesports – left to right. chrisJ, oskar, NiKo, Spiidi and Denis.

Saturday’s action brought us Mousesports vs GODSENT, with Cache the first map. In common CS:GO fashion the pistol round winners claimed an early 3-0 lead. GODSENT took the lead, however it wasn’t without any first half hiccups. Mousesports’ starlet NiKo was always going to be a problem for the Swedes. The Bosnian’s consistent high level play put Mousesports ahead 9-5 at half time. GODSENT found weaknesses to expose against the mixed European side. Oskar, Mousesports’ new main AWPer struggled to put up respectable numbers. GODSENT capitalised on his poor performance and costly mistakes. The all Swedish roster managed to come back and close the game at 16-11.

NiKo and Spiidi
NiKo and Spiidi celebrate after the game

The second map had everyone hyped, Mirage. According to analysts this was the best map for both teams, it was expected to be an exciting game. This did not come to pass. Mousesports were firing on all cylinders from the T side. NiKo, again was stretching the defence of GODSENT. The Germany-based team led 12-3, GODSENT were getting completely rolled over and Oskar all of a sudden wasn’t exploitable. The Swedes were prolonging the inevitable, as NiKo was impossible to stop at this point. Mousesports made a clear statement closing GODSENT’s best map 16-5.

On the third map Dust2 it was a much closer affair. Mousesports’ CT side wasn’t as solid as the prior times. The first half was incredibly tight between both teams. Spiidi and Denis most surprisingly keeping the European team in the game. After a back and forth first half, the game eventually steadied at 14-14. JW and KRIMZ managing to keep GODSENT in contention and bring the game to overtime. Their efforts were short lived as the oldest member of Mousesports chrisJ stepped up to take the game 19-17.

GODSENT struggle
GODSENT can’t find an answer for NiKo.

Overpass was where GODSENT looked to improve after their demoralising defeat. GODSENT’s experienced players were able to get a few rounds in the first half due to their good positioning and overall team strategy. Their weakness was their communication in skirmish scenarios. The Swedes struggled to win rounds where effective communication was imperative like 2v2 situations. ChrisJ was even allowed to grab a 1v3 clutch to extend Mousesports’ lead. The mixed European team managed to finish the half 11 rounds in front. At 13-2 GODSENT began to realise the harsh reality they facing. GODSENT never won any rounds in the second half of the Overpass map, the game ended 16-2 to Mousesports. Mousesports progressed to the grand finals with a 3-1 series win.

Grand Finals

Four teams became two for the Gfinity Invitational Grand Finals, Team EnVyUS vs Mousesports. The first map going into the final was Cache. EnVyUS were the first out the gate to get a lead with their force buys paying off. Mousesports struggled against the Frenchmen. EnVyUS dealt with Mousesports even with their risky all-in buys. They finished the opening half 11-4. Coming into the second half the tides turned for the mixed European side. Mouz had gained full momentum after taking the pistol round, steadily catching EnVyUS to bring the score to 11-11. NiKo yet again had the Frenchmen scratching their head at how to control him, however a switch in tactics helped them close the game in overtime. Good performances from Happy and apEX meant the game ended 19-17.

Mousesports took pistol round going into Cobblestone, however they never capitalized on it. As a result EnVyUS punished Mousesports with force buy antics. Most noteworthy was Happy and apEX pioneering the French to a 5-1 lead. While NiKo did all he could, his flashes of brilliance couldn’t restrain Team EnVyUS. Although he achieved multiple kills in some rounds, Mousesports’ economy constantly got reset. The first round of Cobblestone finished 5-10 in EnVy’s favor. Team EnVyUS kept up the pace going into the second half, yet it was the young Bosnian again keeping Mousesports in contention. NiKo provided the team with a more stable economy to apply pressure, while EnVyUS waited it out for a full buy. The full buy paid off, Happy’s AWP 3k gave his team the win.

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for Happy.

The German-based team came out all guns blazing and all shots on target in Dust 2. ChrisJ and Denis had the most notable pistol performances giving Mouz a 5-0 lead. As a result the boosted economy meant the team had much more freedom, especially relevant was NiKo and ChrisJ’s clutch 2v4 situation to take the score to 9-2. Team EnVyUS desperately tried to find something but the first half ended 4-11 to Mousesports.

When in serious need of a pistol round, EnVyUS had found it. The Frenchmen took the momentum forward, while Mousesports were continuous forced to ecos. These budget purchases meant EnVy could slowly get back into the game. The mentality of the major winning players came into full effect. KennyS was a man on a mission and his AWP shots were on target now, at the deadliest time. At 14-13, Mousesports cracked under the immense pressure EnVyUS put onto them. Spiidi and Oskar were nowhere to be found now, whilst KennyS and apEX were more than accustomed to the situation. However it was DEVIL that stepped up to bring the game to a close, with a triple kill to take the Gfinity trophy. Team EnVyUS won the game 16-14 and the series 3-0.

Team EnVyUS lift Gfinity Trophy
Team EnVyUS lift Gfinity Trophy


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